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Ballpoint pen в Стокгольме

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Ballpoint pen from the manufacturer
Цена по запросу
Ballpoint pen from the manufacturer Price (FCA): from 0.014 - to 0.020 $ / piece. Minimum order quantity: 100000 pcs. Delivery terms: EXW, FCA, FOB, CIP, CIF. Payment terms: USD, EUR Ink color: blue. Packing in a cardboard box: 50 pcs. Writing line thickness: 0.7mm. Rod length: 130mm. Writing
15 авг 2023
Ballpoint pen
Ballpoint pen - фото 1
Ballpoint pen - фото 2
+1 фото
Ballpoint pen - фото 3
0.02 $/шт
We offer you ballpoint pens! With good quality and from factory price! Ballpoint pen in a plastic housing. It is completed with a core with blue oil-based ink, which is characterized by high density, light - and water resistance, does not freeze at low temperatures. The thickness of the writing
1 июн 2022
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Sell Feather-Down-Goose Duck-looking for a business partner investor abroad to Buy a pen . I live in Ukraine, Kupyansk, Kharkiv region if that it is unclear write? Продам Перо- Пух-Гусиные Утиные- ищу делового партнера инвестора За границей для Скупки пера . Я живу в Украине, Купянск, Харьковская
4 сен 2019
Bedding for farm animals, straw granulate
Bedding for farm animals, straw granulate - фото 1
Bedding for farm animals, straw granulate - фото 2
+4 фото
Bedding for farm animals, straw granulate - фото 3
173 €/т FCA
Straw pellets are a great alternative to classic straw bedding. The pellets are made of 100% natural plant material without preservatives and additives. The pellet bedding is suitable for horses, cattle, goats, pigs, poultry, and other farm animals. The thermal treatment of biomass and high
22 июн
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