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Фанера, ДВП, ДСП, МДФ, ОСП в Стокгольме

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Фанера, ДВП, ДСП, МДФ, ОСП
Цена по запросу
Продам Фанеру, ДВП, ДСП, МДФ, ОСП в Европе производства Турция. Поставка на условиях CIF, минимальная партия 5000 м3. Пишите или WhatsApp. Viber. Telegram. Signal
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1 июл
Оптовая цена
от 500 €/м.куб.
Our company supplies birch and alder plywood. Birch plywood is considered the highest quality in furniture production. Birch plywood has very high strength and very beautiful wood structure. That’s why many of furniture producers choose birch plywood. Alder plywood is popular in building. Sheet
26 июн
Chipboard (raw and melamine) and plywood panels
Цена по запросу
We are the company "TARA" of Poland, offers of chipboard (raw and melamine) and plywood panels (smooth and resistant to water) from Ukraine! Waiting for your kind feedback, Best regards!
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1 дек 2022
Rotary-cut veneer
Rotary-cut veneer - фото 1
Rotary-cut veneer - фото 2
Rotary-cut veneer - фото 3
340 €/м.куб. EXW
The factory for the production of rotary-cut veneer, without intermediaries, sale rotary-cut veneer made of beech and birch (other types of trees are available for request). The thickness of the veneer is (1-3) ± 0.1 mm, the width is 2.6 m, the length of the order. The job lot is: 30% - grade AB
4 мар 2019
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