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Сельское хозяйство, компании в Швеции

0.0 4 мая 2017

Продажа, покупка нефтепродуктов. Продажа, покупка сельхозпродукции.

-1.0 8 ноя 2018

Зерновые культуры, переработка. Крестьянское коллективное хозяйство. Складирование , продажи.

Biscaas, HB
57 18 сен 2023

We are one of the leading European company , we deals with the supply of frozen food stuffs, Beverages, frozen chicken, frozen pig or pock fat and scraps etc. Silver Pomfret Fish, Mahi Mahi Fish, Herring Fish, Hake Fish, Salmon Fish, Mackerel Fish, Horse Mackerel Fish , Bonito Fish, Sardine...

Salim oils ltd, AB
0.1 13 июн

Producer and supplier of edible cooking oils World wide shipping Packaging and packing

0.0 7 апр 2016

Import-export company focused on trade in raw group of products in the field of oil refining, energy and agriculture.

0.0 12 июл 2017

Manufacture of forest machinery Work in the forest

Thynel GTM AB, AB
0.0 4 мар 2023

Our company was created in 2022 and we are invovled in trading and exporting of 100% reliable products. Our customer satisfaction is our top priority. we have a large market abroad and in Europe. we look forward to establish a large market all around the world.

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