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Acacia Honey

Acacia Honey
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Обновлено: 24 апреля 2024, 08:37 ID: 1692121
18 $/килограмм
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14 - 18 $/килограмм
Условия поставки: FCA Тбилиси
Lamaria Honey, ООО Тбилиси, GE
на Флагма с 22 февраля 2024
Burdiashvili Zurabi
commercial Director


We produce 4 types 100% natural Honey from Georgia: Acacia, Chestnut, Alpine, Chestnut&Linden
Acacia Honey
We produce this variety of honey in the wine region of Georgia – Kakheti. The encirclement of the Caucasus Mountains creates a special terroir for a plant.
A highly appreciated honey thanks to its fine aroma and its peculiarity to remain liquid much longer than other honey. It is also an excellent sweetener because it is very rich in fructose. The flavour is very sweet with traces of vanilla.
Alpine Honey
We produce this variety of honey at an altitude of 1500 meters in the mountains of Javakheti region from the nectar of hundreds of alpine plants.
Our Alpine honey has a unique taste all of its own. Rich and sweet, smooth and creamy. The floral sources that make up this honey pack some serious flavor with medicinal overtones.
Chestnut Honey
We produce this variety of honey in the mountains of Adjara region.
Honey has a liquid consistency. It is a dark amber color, with shades of red. The odor is very intense and slightly pungent. Not too sweet. It has a bitter aftertaste.
Mixed Honey
This honey is filtered from the hives of the bees that collect nectar in the forest of chestnut and linden in Adjara near the Black Sea coast.
The color may vary as it depends on the blend. This is our favorite honey – with its complex but not overpowerful woody and warm aroma.

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Lamaria Honey, ООО Тбилиси, GE
Работает на Флагма с 22 февраля 2024
Burdiashvili Zurabi
commercial Director
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Burdiashvili Zurabi
Commercial Director
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Lamaria Honey, ООО Burdiashvili Zurabi, Commercial Director
Acacia Honey
18 $/килограмм ID: 1692121
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